Stevens Atehortua


Stevens is the founder of Christ Alone Network and its subsidies. He is a Veteran who served in the U.S. Marines from 2000-2010, both active duty, active reserve, and reserve forces. He did a tour in Iraq in 2004 where he describes seeing the most beautiful sky he has ever seen to date. he describes his experience as,

"there were so many stars in the sky at night, the heavens looked like something out of a movie, unreal. The millions of stars gave the heavens a depth that allowed me to see the majesty and glory of God, though at the time I did not recognize it as such."

Stevens' encounter with God in March of 2020 changed his life forever and has led him to this point; an instant willingness and pursuit of God in an effort to honor and glorify God in everything he says, thinks and does.

He is a proud father of two beautiful girls (3 and 16), and husband to the hardest working and most beautiful woman he has ever met.

"I could not have asked for a better mother to my girls."



Angie, as she prefers, is a hard working counselor who loves God with all of her heart, soul, mind and strength. Her brother, Stevens, describes her by stating,

"I have never seen or known anyone else in my life that loves God as much as my sister does."

Ruben Gonzalez


Ruben has been the Senior Pastor of Jireh Christian Ministry (MCJ) for 16yrs; The church both Angie and Stevens have attended for the last 16yrs. He has offered his experience, and wisdom in an effort to support Christ Alone Network.

He is a retired Army Veteran with over 20yrs of service to the USA, but more importantly, eternal service to God's kingdom. 

Cynthia Gonzalez


Cynthia has been a Pastor at Jireh Christian Ministry (MCJ) for 16yrs. Her accumulated wealth of knowledge, experience and the wisdom to execute that knowledge in the power of the Holy Spirit, has made her a valued member of the Christian community and participates frequently in talks that help and encourage women in the district and community that MCJ belongs to.

She has also agreed to offer all that the Lord has equipped her with to support Christ Alone Network as counselor. 

Gabriel Gonzalez


Gabriel (Gabe) is the Youth Pastor of Jireh Christian Ministry and has been for the last few years, rebranding the youth ministry, Jireh City Youth. His diligence, integrity and commitment to the church and the youth has been unwavering and fundamental in helping to keep the youth engaged and encouraged in a world where that small task has become a giant feat determined to distract and corrupt the minds of our youth.

Pastor Gabe has vowed to support Christ Alone Ministry as a counselor as long as God wills.